Carollo A.

IDEA URBANA Engineering S.r.l.

Alessandro Carollo get Master’s Degree in Architecture with honor (Palermo University, 2004), after awarding a fellowship at Escola Tècnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona (Catalonia Polytechnic University, 2001-02).

With a Post-graduate Diploma on Civil Engineering (Padua University, 2005) and a Ph.D on Urban Planning (Catania University, 2011), on 2006 he founded his Architecture Firm specialized in the fields of Land Use and Mobility Planning by managing or implementing several plans, cooperation projects and investments for Ministries, Port Authorities, Universities, Regions, Provinces and Municipalities.

He was consultant to the Ministry of Economic Development at the Transport Department of Sicilian Region for the implementation of transport policies within the European Regional Development Fund.

He was adviser to INVITALIA S.p.A., Italian agency of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, for the updating of the Regional Transport Plan of the Sicilian Region.

He was appointed as technical expert for the Integrated Logistics Zone of Western Sicily, established by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, for the planning of local investments in the Logistics and Transport networks.

On 2016 he founded IDEA URBANA Engineering S.r.l., an Architecture & Engineering Service Company operating in regional and transport planning, where currently as Technical Director is drafting the Master Plan for Augusta-Catania Port System and the Sustainable Electro-Mobility Plan of Ragusa Province.

Within EnerNETmob project IDEA URBANA supports RAM S.p.A. (in house company of Italian Ministry for Transport) and the Free Municipal Consortium of Ragusa for the implementation of electromobility policies and the planning of related infrastructure networks.