Mesimeris T.

Senior Environment Officer, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment of Cyprus

Dr Theodoulos Mesimeris Is a Senior Environment Officer and Head of “Climate Action and Energy Unit” at the Department of Environment – Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment of Cyprus.

Theodoulos Mesimeris got his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens in 2010. He has also two MSc one in Environmental Management from the European Association for Environmental Management Education and the other in Chemical Engineering. His Bachelor in Engineering was also awarded by National Technical University of Athens in 1995.

He has been the Chair of the European Working Party for International Environmental Issues on Climate Change during Cyprus’ Presidency on the second semester of 2012. He is the Chair of the Cyprus Chemical Engineers Association and has extensive experience in multitask projects. He has participated in a number of private, governmental and European projects.

As Head of the Department of Climate Action and Energy Unit is:

·        Chairing the Ad-hoc Technical Committee for the evaluation of environmental impacts of energy related projects including oil and gas activities

·        Implementing the Cyprus Government’s Climate Change and Energy Policy as well as the Environmental Policy

·        Participating in processes for the harmonization of Cyprus with the European Union in the fields of Climate Change, Energy and Environment

·        Coordinating activities and programs related to the Climate Change, Energy and Protection of the Environment

·        Participating in technical committees for the evaluation of Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

He has participated in national, regional and international Conventions, Committees, and Conferences related to the Climate Change and Environment and actively contributed to Environmental Awareness-raising, sensitization and education of the public.

Dr Mesimeris has played an important role in the promotion of new legislation for Climate Change and environmental protection. He has also an advisable influence on matters concerning energy as well as oil and gas activities.