Petsa D.

Applied Physicist- Environmental Engineer

Demetra Petsa is a graduate of the National Technical University of Athens, School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences with an MSc in Environmental Engineering from the University of Cyprus. Since 2016, she acts a project management of the Social Initiative “Tiganokinisi” run by AKTI Project and Research Centre, an educational environmental program for the collection of domestic Used Cooking Oil (UCO) through schools. She also acts as one of AKTI’s vocational and environmental technologies application trainers.

During 2016, she joined Isotech’s team and has been working closely with Isotech colleagues for the InnovOleum project, through which Tiganokinisi aims to be replicated internationally. During her professional career, Demetra has developed experience in the area of urban physics and the urban environment, and she has been involved decision-support, awareness-raising, and educational activities focused on sustainable development. Her experience also includes green and sustainable business development, acting as a business volunteer and a mentor for youth entrepreneurship programmes.