Zepic V.

Tecos, Slovenia

Dr. Vesna Žepič Bogataj accomplished her B.Sc. Thesis in the scientific filed of Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources Management at the Biotechnical Faculty of the University in Ljubljana. In 2011 she joined the R&D Department of TECOS, as a research associate. In 2015 she received her PhD in interdisciplinary doctoral study programme of Biosciences at the University of Ljubljana. Her working areas are chemical functionalization of lignocellulosic materials, study of natural fiber/polymer interfaces in composite materials, with a special knowledge on chemistry of lignocellulosic materials and characterization techniques: FT-IR, solid state CP-MAS NMR (13C), AFM microscopy, TG, DSC, FBRM, DLS, XRD, mechanical analytics for polymer composites and nanocomposites. She is currently on the position of the EU project managing at TECOS and she is working as a coordinator or partner member on several applied R&D projects from national and international funding schemes. She is an author of several scientific and conference articles and has written 6 professional articles and 4 elaborate studies. Her main research activities are focused on the design and processing optimization of advanced plastic materials at micro and nano scale, which are expected to cover the whole new application market opportunities in the field of automotive, medicine, packaging, pharmaceutical, and chemical engineering fields.